URCEO GED Program Newsletter

Winter 2023

GED Attendance Requirements

Our GED Advisor, Mrs. Evans, is verifying students' weekly check-ins. Students are encouraged to come on campus but have the flexibility to study remotely as they prepare for their next test. This is a privilege. Students not progressing on the tests will be required to come on campus for study sessions.

Every student will need to have a practice or actual test date on the calendar at all times. If a student no-shows on the date of their scheduled test (practice or actual), they are considered absent.

Your URCEO Support Team

Mrs. Vinzant: Test Scheduling 541.830.6721

Mrs. Evans Advisor & Attendance 541.830.6261

Mr. Hakala: URCEO Principal 541.830.6602

URCEO GED Program Update

We are strongly encouraging our GED students to consider taking advantage of coming to URCEO in person for dedicated exam prep time. GED students may attend Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, or Fridays. GED students can come in all four days if they choose.

Transportation to URCEO is available on regular school bus routes at student request-this needs to be confirmed with the office.

All current GED Students should have completed a minimum of ONE PRACTICE TEST and be preparing for the actual exam in the same content area. When students complete the practice test, they get a score that can indicate what they need to do to be prepared for passing the actual exam.

GED students must demonstrate attendance with a weekly check-in. If a two-week period with no check-ins occurs, a 10-day drop will be completed. Weekly check-ins include in person attendance on campus or two way communication with Mr. Marinucci. Students not progressing on the tests will be required to come on campus for study sessions.

Using Your Practice Scores to Determine Your Study Timeline

URCEO Mission and Vision

Our Mission:

Serve the diverse learners of our community by providing a quality virtual educational experience for all K-12 students to ensure their success in an ever changing world.

Our Vision:

Nurture and guide all students through equitable educational opportunities that encourage students to take ownership of their learning and develop into lifelong learners.