GED Spring Newsletter


URCEO GED Program Update

We are strongly encouraging our GED students to consider taking advantage of coming to URCEO in person for dedicated exam prep time. We have two cohorts, an AM cohort (9-11:30) and a PM cohort (12:30-2:45). The cohorts attend Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. GED students can come in all four days or two days of their choice. Transportation is available with a commitment to set days.

All current GED Students should have completed a minimum of ONE PRACTICE TEST and be preparing for the actual exam in the same content area. When students complete the practice test, they get a score that can indicate what they need to do to be prepared for passing the actual exam.

Using Your Practice Scores to Determine Your Study Timeline

Introducing our Foster Grandparent Mentors: Joanne and Diane

We are excited about a special program designed for URCEO female students in the GED program. We've partnered with the Foster Grandparents Program and they are all set to work with us. The volunteers have gone through safety and security training with the district as well as with their organization.

We are the first high school to partner with Foster Grandparents. Their program usually works with elementary schools doing reading buddies and classroom helper-type activities. I admire our volunteer partners' sense of adventure and willingness to try something new and challenging--much like our students'.

Mentors and students meet via Zoom breakout rooms for 20-30 minutes as a check-in. The volunteers are not counselors, rather these retired women serve as mentors who can help our students LEAN IN as they work on this massive goal of completing their high school graduation equivalency diploma.

The Zoom Room is open on Wednesdays from 1-2 invitation only. If a student is interested in meeting Joanne or Diane let Mrs. Green or Mr. Cardwell know and we will share an invite.

GED Attendance Requirements

Our newest member to the URCEO staff, Tonya Sitowski, is verifying students' completion of the check-in form and ensuring the submissions are complete and accurate. If a student does not have a verified test date on the calendar, their check-in is void and they will be contacted to fix the problem. The check-in form is below.

If Mrs. Sitowski sees that the first check-in has not been completed by Wednesday, a call is made to the parent/guardian. If a second check-in is not made by Friday, a call is made to the parent/guardian.

We Added FUEL to Help Students Complete the Program!

The acronym FUEL is a process to guide students in successfully earning their GED Diploma.

🔥 FOCUS on one test at a time. You have four tests to complete. How hard or easy they are is dependent on many factors. Consider your personal strengths and preferences. Make a decision on which test you will take first. Focus on that one test and nothing else until you pass it. Then make a decision about which comes next.

🔥 FIX the date. When you complete the practice test, you receive a personalized recommended study guide with your score (on the GED site). This can help you determine how much time you need to prepare for the actual test. Once you create your study timeline, email Mr. Cardwell to schedule your actual test date. You will be asked to include your test date in your weekly check-ins. We do that because we want you to stay focused on your goal: passing tests and earning your GED diploma!

🔥 UNDERSTAND what is required for your selected exam.

🔥 ENGAGE in the material.

🔥 LEAN In. So what does this mean? For starters, do not let frustrations drag you down. When you find yourself less than motivated, this is the time to lean in. Reach out to a trusted adult to discuss what's going on, take advantage of a tutoring session, or jump on the Canvas discussion forum for your test and see how others have managed.