What To Visit Along the Nile

By: Brady Faber

Aswan Dam

The Aswan Dam is surround by dry areas, rivers, buildings, sand, and fence. It is located in East Africa and is along the Nile River. The river or dam does get bigger flowing into the city. It The dam straddles the border between Sudan and Egypt. It was formed in 1970. The hydroelectric power has helped Sudan and Egyptians cities and industries. The dam doesn't pollute the water or city in any means, but it has caused the amount of nutrients to decrease which is decreasing the amount of fish.

Farm Land Along the Nile

Fields, donkeys, river, mountains, will be some of the things that you might see there. It gets smaller as it goes through tighter areas. Floodplains and delta make up three percent Of Egypt's land. 95% Of the Egyptian people live along the Nile. The people grew wheat, barely, and other crops.

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Khartoum Sudan

Khartoum Sudan turn into a smaller river in the city. Then later it comes together and makes it more wide. In the north central Sudan, the two branches of the Nile finally meet. The water doesn't mix well with the blue river when they meet.

The coming together of the Nile takes place at the city , the capital of Sudan, Khartoum.

The Nile river becomes much larger.

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Cairo Egypt

When you travel to Cairo, Egypt you will see that it is by some city, buildings, bridge, little area of grass, boats. The river flows through the center of the city. More than 11 million people live their. Cairo is pouring waste sewage and industrial waste into the river. The river It gets larger and then it expands.

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Lake Victoria

Lake Victoria is near boats, people, grass, water, and mountains. It gets large when it fills up in the water way. The other main branch is in the south. It is a large shallow lake in Uganda. In 1850s English explorer John Hanning Speke reached the lake. He came back in 1862 and found a river flowing out of the north side of the lake

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