Repurposing Social networking site In Health care Advertising

Whether you are marketing a pharmaceutical or biotechnology item, a medical device, a medical facility, or any various other health care brand name, the content you produce for one social networks function offers opportunities for more use in other social media also offline media outlets ... and vice versa. The cross-platform, cross-promotional possibilities are countless.

For instance, let's say you are going to show at an upcoming conference ...

Announce your involvement on your website home page.
Offer even more details on a conference microsite.
Send out an email with a link to the microsite.
Advertise your participation in a pre-meeting version of your e-newsletter.
Archive your e-newsletter on your site.
Establish literature to disperse at the conference.
Include your website URL in all literature.
Supply downloadable PDFs of your literature on your site.
Announce the conference on your Facebook page; include an associated with your microsite.

Prior to, at, and after the conference, send out Tweets supplying updates on your activities and consisting of a link to your microsite.
Run an ad in the online and print versions of the conference program.
In the online advertisement, include an associated with your microsite.
In your print marketing, offer your e-newsletter and supply your website URL.
Post images of your exhibit booth, or of you and customers and associates, on your Facebook page and your site.
Offer a comment about the meeting on your LinkedIn page.
Send out invites to the contacts you fulfilled at the conference to relate to you on LinkedIn.
Send a post-conference e-mail to your database, thanking those who visited you at the conference and expecting your next activities.
Write an e-newsletter short article about your successes at the conference.
These are simply a few examples. The objective is to disperse your message with all appropriate online and offline media, and profit from cross-fertilization.

More bang, less profit on

With numerous, therefore many cost-free, options to network and to distribute your messages, you can now amortize the cost of those efforts that aren't cost-free-- website development; literature writing, design, and printing; or exhibit booth development, for example-- throughout even more applications.

To make sure the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of diverse communication methods, engage the services of a seasoned healthcare marketing firm. The synergy of numerous communications in multiple media is powerful: one plus one can equate to 3. A good healthcare advertising firm will help you accomplish this synergy, Dr. Mark Gustafson.