Ms. Freeman's Honors English Class

May 13, 2016

Exam Schedule

May 23-25 Writing Exam

May 26 Pre-reading for Reading Exam

May 31 Periods 1 & 5

June 1 Periods 2 & 6

June 2 Periods 3 & 7

June 3 Period 4

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CAP Time!

For the Mythology Unit CAP Assessment, students will be analyzing and creating art and poetry based on mythology. This began with an art and poetry "museum walk" Wednesday. Thursday students were "hired" to critique one piece of art or poetry for "Freeman's World Class Mythology Art Publication." Friday through Tuesday of next week students are creating their own masterpieces based on a self selected myth. I am excited to see the students' creative interpretative masterpieces! Final poems and art pieces are due on or before Thursday, May 19th.

Semester Exams!

Semester exams will begin May 23rd with the writing exam being done in class from May 23rd-25th. Reading exams will be given the last week of school.


Monday & Thursday 7:50-8:20 & 3:30-4:00.

Technology is a Tool

Students are permitted to use technology in the classroom to support their writing, look up vocabulary words, take notes, and Kahoot it!

The disclaimer? Students are responsible for the care and keeping of their personal devices. Students who use their technology in a way that does not support classroom instruction will lose their privilege to use technology in the classroom.

Technology side effects may include increased knowledge and skill at locating pertinent information in an academic setting, increased efficiency in receiving and disseminating knowledge and assignments, and most severe, an enjoyment of the learning process. Please talk to an educational professional if these side effects become bothersome. :)

Google Classroom

Power Point presentations and other materials are available on Google Classroom to support you and your child. To access Google Classroom, go to and use your child's email ( and their unique PISD password. Once arriving at Google Classroom, to access my page, use this code: blmrmz.