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March 15, 2015

An Amazing Spring Break at the Bahamas

The Beginning of So Much More

By Diane Lee

On the 9th of March, I, Diane Lee, went to the Bahamas with my good friend Sarah Brown to have fun and relax. We went swimming in the clean, fresh water and feasted on a lot of savory seafood with many delicious fruit smoothies. It was truly wonderful. Continuing on page 15...

Continuing on a Path

Another Journey to the Wild Wilderness

By Diane Lee

As time passed by to the 12th of March in the fun Bahamas and Sarah and I did about all that we wanted to, we decided to take a different route and walked along a path to end up in front of a dragon as it soared abaove us. Continued on page 24...
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The dangerous yet fascinating whirlpool

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Swimming with a Whirlpool

Not Exactly Sure what Happened, but it was Awesome

By Diane Lee

When it reached the 14th of March, Sarah and I, Diane, were sucked in by a huge whirpool that formed in the clear waters of the Bahamas. As we were panicing, we felt a giant, slimy hand grabbing at our feet. Continuing on page 29...