The Pre Pro @ The Energy Show 2014

Zephair announces its stand for 12th & 13th March, 2014

The Zephair Pre Pro - the quality control device for air leakage testing will be on display!

The Pre Pro is a simple to use, robust and cost effective quality control device to test your air tight layer before the full air leakage test.

It has been designed to work simply & effectively and be tough enough to be used on multiple jobs with a consistent & clear display to show when the critical -50Pa pressure difference is met.

The Pre Pro develops under pressure (i.e. it sucks air out) in the building envelop and while this is happening you can check the continuous air tight layer for cracks & gaps.

The Pre Pro is designed & manufactured in Ireland!

Air is free; uncontrolled air is expensive!

Whether you are trying to achieve or improve on the values in Part (L) for compliance, ensure a building is air tight enough for a ventilation system or build a Passive House the Pre Pro takes the guess work out of whether you have reduced the leaks to a minimum,

Zephair Ltd. is an Irish company set up to draw on years of professional experience as air leakage testers to make the process of maximising your result easier and more assured!

Zephair Ltd. has made strides into the Irish market place and has begun exporting to both the UK & France.