Merica' Declares War On Germany

By Noah Briley

We Love the British

The United States are allies with the British. When Germany declared war on Britan we thought that we should help them out. Although part of the country didn't want to join the war we were already supporting them. We have gave them roughly 2.3 billion dollars in support so we might as well join in and help them.

Zimmerman Note

The British intercepted a telegram that said the Germans were going to have Mexico attack the United States if the United States joined the war. Germany also promised Mexico that if they attacked the United States they would help them gain old territory from the United States.

Four U.S. Merchant Ships Sunk

The Germans sank four U.S. Merchant vessels. This obviously angered the United States because the Germans didn't really have a reason to attack or sink their ships.

The Russian Czar Removed from Power

With the Russian Czar being removed from war the United States joined the war because they thought that they needed to war for Democracy. They turned the war into a Democracy vs. Autocracy and this gave the United States an excuse to join the war.