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March 12, 2021

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March 14 - "Spring Forward" and move clocks up 1 hour

March 20th- Report Cards available on Aeries Parent Portal

April 5th-April 9th- Spring Break

April 26th - Students return for full day of in person instruction on school campuses

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Join us for Parent-Principal Chats!- This Monday!!!

Our next one is March 15th at 3:00. Toolbox at home. How to use our Toolbox curriculum to help teach emotional intelligence at home. Success and happiness are more dependent upon our emotional intelligence than on our academic intelligence. Help your child to learn how to regain emotional control, delay gratification, name their own emotions, and recognize and react appropriately to the emotions of others.

Health Screening

Please screen your student prior to bringing/sending to school. In addition to the symptom screening, we need to know if your student or anyone in your household has been exposed to someone with Covid-19. If you did not screen your student prior to school, please let us know.

By exposed to Covid-19, we mean: within 6ft. of a person with a confirmed case of Covid-19 for longer than 15 minutes in the past 14 days.

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Pioneer Campus Info:

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QES Pioneer Campus Notes

Greetings QES Pioneer Families!

Happy Friday!

We are excited to be welcoming our students back to campus for full day instruction starting April 26. If your child is currently attending an am/pm session, then we will assume they wish to attend full day, as well. If your child is currently receiving independent study or distance learning services, and you wish for your child to return to full day on campus school, then please contact our office as soon as possible. Kindergarten students will continue in an am or pm session. More information to follow!

Friday attendance. We are experiencing some low attendance rates, especially on Fridays. Please do your best to log in with your child's teacher on Fridays so they can give your child credit for attending. Thank you.

March is designated as Women's History Month! Please see the links below for information to share with your children. Additionally, March 12 is designated as "National Working Moms Day" and we know that ALL Moms work very hard to support children. We appreciate you Moms, and thank you for all that you do for your children!

We appreciate our families screening their child(ren) prior to coming to school. This has increased our ability to welcome students efficiently as they're arriving each morning. We will continue to follow our Plumas Public Health Officials' guidelines in order to stay open for students on campus. Thank you families!

100 books challenge! Read, read-to, or read-with 100 books by the end of May! Students can count up to 2 books/week they read with their teacher, but we want to also encourage students to be practicing their reading outside of their time with their teacher, and develop healthy reading habits. Thanks for participating!

In closing, we appreciate your ongoing support and partnership to provide the best possible elementary educational experience for our students.

Enjoy your weekend!

Alan Reeder

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March is Women's History Month

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Alder Campus Info:

Please note: Alder Friday Assemblies are now at 8:10 to allow for 8:30 check-ins with teachers

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Hello Alder Families:

Our Governing Board voted unanimously to return to full-time in-person instruction on Monday, April 26th. We are currently working on schedules and logistics to make this a smooth transition. As details get worked out, I will share more specifics. The plan at this time is a full day on Monday-Thursday and a minimum day on Fridays. All health and safety protocols will still be in place with masking, frequent hand washing, and spacing. Students will have lunch on campus. We are happy to see all our students together safely!

Unfortunately, our make-up picture day will not take place. Lifetouch has been impacted significantly by the school closures due to Covid-19 and canceled any future dates this year. Since QES has already been photographed, anyone that ordered pictures should expect to receive their packets.

Grades 3rd – 6th classes are participating in March Book Madness this month. Much like a "March Madness" basketball bracket, we are reading and voting on 8 books school-wide. At the end of March, we will announce our 2021 March Book Madness winner for QES. See the image below to view our books. Ask your kids what book they heard each day. It is a great conversation starter!

NO ZEROES!!! We have the campaign to be a school where no one has missing assignments or zeroes! Please help us get there by encouraging your student to turn in all of their work. What a great thing -to be able to showcase QES students for being a school where there are no zeroes. And, in elementary school, no zeroes means no Fs. How wonderful!

We have a 2021 School Motto. Our Student Council has branded this year's QES theme:

Keeping Hope and Kindness Alive at QES!! It is a fitting tribute to our wonderful students.

If you have any concerns or suggestions we would love to hear them. Please do not hesitate to email lhollister@pcoe.k12.ca.us or call 283-6557. You can also contact Mrs. Hollister or your teacher using the Parent Square app.

Outdoor Core Live Zoom with Rob Wade!

Outdoor Core Live Zoom with Rob

District wide Sessions

Fridays at 11:00

Grade Level(s) - Rob’s Zoom Link - Topic

Feb.19 - K


Above & Below the Snow - School Garden / Wild Garden in Winter

Feb. 26 - 3rd


Winter Tracking: Mammals Among Us

March 5 - 5th


Winter to Spring: Birds Leaving, Staying, Returning

March 12 - 1st


Winter to Spring: Diapause & the Bugs Come Back

March 26 - 2nd


Winter to Spring:Bye Bye Brumation & First Frog Songs

April 2 - 4th


Mountain Snow to River Flow: Trout Life Cycle Begins

From our wonderful Ms. McMorrow:

Hi Cougar Families,

We have a wonderfully fun opportunity for our school. We have been invited to be part of a community video, led by our local resident, Dr. Lisa Kelly! Previously, it was done on a global scale. Quincy residents are now taking this idea and adapting it to celebrate Quincy.

In the coming weeks, we, as a school, will all learn a very easy repetitive dance in approximately 15-20 minutes, then as a group, will perform the dance outside on the playground. We will be videoed by ground and by drone (cool, huh?). Our piece will be edited into a much larger video that includes many people from our community. FRC, QHS, and PDH are just a few of the community organizations that are coming together to be a part of this video.

It is so exciting to be included in this incredible community event. The final video will be played at the Town Hall Movie Theater when they open in April.

If you DO NOT wish for your child to participate in this activity, please notify his/her teacher and we will find another activity for them to participate in during this 30-45 minute period.

Thank you!

Ms. McMorrow

Free Breakfast and Lunch for ALL children 1-18 years old!

Meals are distributed via the following bus route or can be picked up at Quincy Elementary-Pioneer Campus or Quincy Jr/Sr High School Monday-Friday from 11am-12:30 pm
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6th Grade Fundraising!!

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Flamingo Flock a Friend!

Our 6th graders are fundraising for their spectacular Plumas to the Pacific field trip in the spring. Flock-A-Friend! Complete the order form and drop off the money to the Alder campus between 7:30 am - 3:30 pm. That's it!

Community Information/Events

  • Last weekend for Girl Scout cookies. Quincy Girl Scout Troop #244 is having a drive thru cookie booth on March 13th at Quincy Jr. Sr. High School from 1pm to 4pm. Cookies are $5.00 per box and $6.00 per package for gluten free. For convenience, speedy service and to ensure your cookies are in stock, customers can pre-order and the cookies will be ready for pickup by using this link: https://app.abcsmartcookies.com/...

    Thank you very much and we appreciate your support!

  • Quincy Little League - time to sign up for baseball or softball! https://www.quincylittleleague.org/


The Mt. Jura Gem and Museum Society in Taylorsville would like to extend an invitation to your students and staff to participate in a living history publication of Plumas County life during these challenging times of COVID-19.

Here’s a chance to bring your voice to the forefront of being a part of this historical event during our lifetime. We will be documenting the stories, pictures, comments and personal impacts this pandemic has had on our youth, families, and friends. This booklet of memories will be a valuable reflection of life here in Plumas County for future generations to read. To tell the story of life as we have experienced it in the way it should be told. It needs all of us – all ages, all races, all backgrounds, all living through this time apart and together.

Some creative writing ideas or areas of interest may include, but not limited to, the following:

  • Struggles of distant learning
  • Social impact
  • Coping mechanisms
  • Financial impact
  • Emotions and feeling experienced
  • Positive and negative effects
  • What have you missed about school
  • What your fears might have been
  • What your days have been like
  • How your health was affected
  • How you spent your free time
  • Activities you were still able to do
  • Holidays and family gatherings
  • What you look forward to
  • Pictures with descriptive captions

Submissions for this historical booklet may be in the form of an essay, letters, articles, personal journal entries, or picture descriptions. Documents can be forwarded to Mt. Jura Gem and Museum Society, P. O. Box 194, Taylorsville, CA 95983 up through June 30, 2021. Questions can be directed to either the museum committee chairperson Vicki Schneider at Schneider-villa@earthlink.net text or call (530)751-6105 or contact the museum office at (530)284-1046 Ivmuseum@yahoo.com and someone will get back to you.

We encourage you to fill in the gaps and paint a picture of living through this historical time period and look forward to your participation in the museum’s special living history project.

Thank you and stay safe,

M. David Wilson, President

Mt. Jura Gem and Museum Society

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Toolbox Lessons from Ms. Wayson

Contacting us......

QES is one school but on two different campuses.

QES Alder Street Campus

(530) 283-6557 extension 5401
246 Alder Street, Quincy Ca

QES Pioneer Campus

(530) 283-6550 extension 5326

175 N. Mill Creek Road, Quincy, CA

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