Edlio Teacher Webpage Training

Creating the Lines of Communication

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Welcome to Edlio

Rutherford County Schools has moved to an easy to use, consistent communication tool with Edlio webpages. Teachers can now update their webpage from any device. Parents and students have the option to subscribe to the teacher’s site and receive push notifications. In this session, teachers will create a page, update their profile, add assignments to their class calendar, build picture or video galleries, and more. Teachers will be amazed at how easy and fast this communication process can be.

Ten reasons for Teachers to maintain a website to reflect their classrooms

What do parents really want?

Through an informal poll one Instructional Coach assessed what parents might like to see on a teacher website. The top answer she received was “nightly homework assignments.” In addition, parents liked seeing long-term calendars, a way to provide feedback to the teacher, and educational links to use with their children at home. Parents also want the websites to be easily navigable and well-organized so that it’s easy to find what they need quickly. Nearly all the parents surveyed emphasized the importance of keeping teacher websites up to date. Indeed, this may be the number one thing that parents need, since all of the above features would be essentially useless if they were two weeks out of date.


  • Login the Edlio site
  • Change your profile picture
  • Create your landing page
  • Create a link to an external web page
  • Upload a file attachment
  • Review personal calendar options in Edlio
  • Discuss the subscription feature and benefits
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  • I can log in to Edlio from school or away.
  • I can create new content to a blank page & calendar.
  • I can link to exterior content.
  • I can customize my website.
  • I understand how to utilize this as a communication tool.

Bell Work

  1. Open Chrome and navigate to lms.rcschools.net
  2. Find your webpage using the Directory (below the scroller)
  3. Right click on top of the tab and choose "Duplicate"
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the webpage and click on Login link
  5. Use the "Login with Office 365" link on this page
  6. In first tab go to "Academics" > "Instructional Technology". Click on Today's PD session link "Edlio Teacher Webpages"

Please fill out the session evaluation before leaving.