Zhan Haite

Melissa Montes, period 6

The right for equal education

"My idols are Martin Luther King and Aung San Suu Kyi. Both paid a heavy price in the pursuit of equality, freedom and democracy,"

Early life

Zhan was born in Zhuhai, Guangdong Province, in 1997. Her father is Zhan Quanxi. In 2002 her family and her moved to Shanghai, Zhan Haite was only in kindergarten at this time. Although their was not much of a difference between her local classmates and her, she was not allowed to take her senior high school entrance exam to place in her residence.

“I have the right to attend school: we are all citizens of the Republic, we have the right to fight for our rights. Each person’s strength is not very small, but very great! Everyone may have to change the world!”

Fight against the Chinese government

Zhan Haite is taking on the Chinese government to allow her go to school. Only if your rich you can go to school, in your not-native town. But if you are not like in Zhan case you are not allowed to go to school. But Zhan is not the only one who is not allowed to go to school. Their are millions of young students who are just like Zhan.She made protests, she posted on her blog about having the right to go to school. She is a very brave girl to be challenging the Chinese government. Or so the people from their say.


"15 Year-old Girl Takes on Giant China Government Because She Wants to Go to School - Taking on the Giant."


Zhan can be considered a herione because although she is 15 she is fighting to get an education not only for herself, but as for the million of students who can not go to school because they are not in their native hometown. She is speaking up and challenging the Chinese government to a fight that she wants to win. She is the voice for the Chinese students. She is making a change.