Module 3 Lesson 1 Practice Activity

Advantages & Disadvantages of The Articles of Confederation

Government With A Weak Central Government.

The reason I feel the designers created a government with a weak central government is because they didn't really know what they were doing. They were probably inexperienced and uneducated on their jobs.


It made sure that every state wasn't overruled by a strong national government. A lot of the smaller states were afraid of not having a voice. With the Articles, each state was independent. Also with the states having to create their own governments they were able to create laws which suited their state properly, only the people in each state know what their state needs. Another point is it was a learning experience for the founders. They learned what did and didn't work from the articles and using their experience they drafted the new outline and Constitution for the US.


  1. No power to generate revenue
  2. No central government power
  3. No president, therefore we also had no leader to follow
  4. There was a foreign currency between the states
  5. There was no power to force the states to follow the laws
  6. We had no way to gather an army
  7. We had no power to control/regulate trade
  8. No national court system