College Basketball Coach

Luke Kernell

Daily Activities

Managerial Work- Coaches must meet with their staff, athletic director and players daily. They set goals they have for their teams both short and long term. The coach must also complete paper work for their team to operate at the best. They need to submit rosters and schedules, book court time, and manage busses.

Team and Skill Building- The coach must find ways for the team to mold together and play their best. They also need to build strong relationships with their players and staff. Along with finding the best lineup they must teach the skills needed to play and compete at high levels.

Public Relations- Coaches need to be able to generate a positive image for them and their team.

Certification Necessary to Practice

There isn't any needed certification. Most Head coaches have some experience either playing or being an assistant coach.


There is no needed education to coach college basketball. Most coaches have a degree in sports science or another related field.


Division 1 basketball coach average is 1.5 Million. The highest salary is 7.5 million. There is a bonus of 20,000 to 100,000. The lower divisions average is 76,640.

Skills Needed

Ability to make a well balanced schedule

Ability to teach fundamentals

Teach concepts and and strategy

Goal Setting

Long term thinking

Practice Settings

Coaches work at universities and colleges. They do most of their paper work and business side of the job in their office. Their coaching side of the job is done in the gym. Either coaching games or teaching at practice.

Coaches work irregular hours. Their work long nights and long days. They also work holidays and weekends. There are many trips they go on to (games and coaching clinics).

Job Outlook

Coaches are projected to grow by 15% in the next 7 years. This is above average compared to other jobs.
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