Things about leopards

Humans can be harmful to leopards in lots of ways like they can kill leopards for their fur, so they can make exspenceive real leopard fur couts. Humans can also kill leopards for thier meat and flesh to eat them. Also humans can help leopards in lots of ways like give them a good habatate, save the animal so it won't be hunted or killed. Leopards need lots of thing to help them live, like their raser sharp teeth and claws, they help them rip apart their prey apart, so they can eat it better.

More things about leopards

Leopards babies are blind and helpless when they are just born. Also Mom leopards carry their babies by their loose skin on their necks when it is time to MOVE! Also most leopards live in worm like Africa. Leopards are carnivors, so they only I mean ONLY meat or oher animals. Also leopards can take heavy prey up a tall and steep trees.

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