North Central Plains

Of Texas

Region Description

Every year in the North Central Plains there is about 30 in. of rain. There are hot summers and chilly winters. There are also many tornadoes and hailstorms in this region of Texas. In fact, in 1979, the worst tornado that ever in Texas hit Wichita Falls, a city in the North Central Plains. The landscape here is very dry, like a desert, there are many large, flat barren plains. It is very dusty, and there are few plants. Many natural resources include oil, gas, and coal. Farmers here produce peanuts, cotton, dairy, beef (cattle), and wheat. Some major industries include defense, oil drilling, collecting natural gas, manufacturing, farming, ranching, railroad services, and entertainment. There are some Native American groups that live in areas with rolling plains, praries, and some woodland areas such as the Lipan Apaches and the Comanche tribes. A majority of the population is made of Hispanics and Caucasians.

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Animals in the North Central Plains


*White Tailed Deer

*Horned Lizards


*Some Snakes

*Bald Eagles