By Max Strauss

"We need to protect people from wrong choices."

When someone breaks a rule, they make a wrong choice ,and they make the utopian society go away. In Lois Lowry's The Giver Jonas learns to protect his community from wrong choices by going to elsewhere and returns the memory's to the people. In Susain Collins Hunger Games, the same thing happens katniss has to fight against the Capitol to help the community from making wrong choices.
Once people know the truth about their community of dystopian qualities the utopian city is distinguished.
When a society finds the truth out about their society they change to a whole new person. It gives this example in the hunger games it states, " These people are not our enemy! The rebels are not our enemy! We all have one enemy and that's the Capitol!"(216, Collins) W When it says we have one enemy and that's the capitol it tells us that they are turning against the Capitol and changing not there society but changing their self and the society falls.

TO ADD ON......

In Lois Lowrys the giver it give us many examples but one example would be " Elswhere had held their future and their past."(225, Lowry) That says since he left his community that his life will be totally different and not just him but the people in his old community have the memories now and there is no utopian society.


Once the utopian society finds out the truth about their society The utopian society disappears quickly and now they have to protect people to make the right choices. Not all utopian society's last because it takes one person to mess it all up