3 Day Tour Guide

By: Keannah Johnson

Day 1 Peru!

After finally getting to Peru we board a bus that takes us to the Indian farm village, this village has a free market type of economy. Here in the village they have private ownership of property and resources. The problems in this is that they need more money to make money, which they are not making enough of, and consumers and private businesses may have few protections.

Day 2 Cuba!

As we arrive to Cuba we will visit a sugar cane plantation and a cattle ranch. Looking through Cuba you can see that Cuba has an command economy, meaning the decision that are made are chosen by the government (central planing). Having this type of economy has its down falls like lack of consumer choices, doesn't meet the needs and wants of others that live there, and no incentive to create or produce. Living in Cuba isn't all full of downfalls. Everyone receives a perceive an equal amount from the government or central authority.
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Day 3 Germany!

On day 3 (your final trip) you will board a public subway. Here we're going to visit a Mercedes-Benz car factory and an elementary school. Looking through these two places you might not be cable to see the type of government because the government make the decisions for this country. Just like Cuba, they lack of consumer choices and neither one of them meet the needs and wants of others that live there. But these two states both get money from the government or central authority.