Bull Rider

By: Marilyn Halvorso

By: Colton Edgar

Bull Rider is a book that talks about a kid that wants to peruse a career that his dad died perusing. Lane's mom does not want him to ride bulls because she is afraid that lane will get hurt or even die from riding bulls like his dad. Lane sneaks out of the house one afternoon after mom had left for work to go ride bulls at a friends house. Lane rides a bull called Rhino. Rhino rolls lane up right out of the gate like a rag muffin. he gets scratched up a little bit but not to bad. lane goes home and tries to hide it from mom but she finally sees and thought it was from rugby practice. Lanes friends grandpa called looking for lane said to get down their about 7:00 bring bull rope and all. lane goes back and rides more bull behind her back but it was the grandpas idea this time. lanes mom finally lets him rid bulls and lane is pretty successful in the future.