Blizzards and You

or ways to survive the cold

First, what exactly is a blizzard?

A blizzard is defined as a severe snowstorm with strong blowing winds creating low visibility.

How you can tell one is coming.

Watch your local weather channel, it gives very nice information on current and future weather conditions. Also looking outside generally will tell you a lot .

How to Survive outside in a blizzard

Wear heavy coats, if your driving keep water and ice breaking supplies in your trunk! Cars have been known to become stuck in the snow. Also if your driving, you could encounter whiteout conditions, were you cannot see the road. Uou then need to pull over your vehicle to wait it out.


Be prepared for blackouts and blocked roads. Make sure to have dry foods and plenty of water! Blankets are a necessity as well.

Effects of the ice

Ice burns are what happen when the ice you touch is so cold, it burns. The ice is literally freezing your skin till it is brittle enough to crack.

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