How Do You Stay Positive!

Focus Control – Vick Strizheus (Vid 13 of 90)

How Do You Stay Positive When You Are Starting To Business

How do you stay positive when you are starting to business, have no list, making no money and the monthly bills are still rolling in: is a question many of us ask ourselves.

So how do you deal with it….

Remember anything is possible, so it is possible!

First thing you need to belive it! Do not believe that it will only happen to others you must believe that it will happen to you and you only.

So if you going to shoot for the stars, believe it and it will happen.

Secondly you need to control your focus. If you look at any marketer, any business, online and offline. There are two types of categories.

There are fans that will think that one product is fantastic and then there are other people that think that the product or company is crap. They will critize and think that that company stucks.

If you see that someone else is making it and it is working, then it will work for you if you start to focus and change control of your focus.

But is you going to stick around complainers, friends and family members putting you down saying that it is not going to work for you, if you listen to them then your focus is completely not where it should be if you are trying to build a business.

Don’t let you focus get distracted by these types of people.

Learn how to ignore the negative people, cut away from them, they can crush your dreams even before you have started.

Start today, start now by watching and reading success stories, as you listen your mind will start to stift.

Even if you are not getting results continue to listen and read succuess stories and you will get to a point that your belief system will reprogram and you will belief that you will be successfull.

Control your focus and your vision, when you do this and focus on where you want your business to go, you will get results.

So control you focus, Saturate your mind with rags to riches stories and then take massive action.

Thirdly, take massive action.

So finally, What you focus on is going to expand for your business.

Re-evalute your vision, if your vision is strong enough and that is big and you going to get excited. You going to focus on doing things over and over again and by doing that you taking massive action which leads to successful results

Focus Control - Vick Strizheus (Vid 13 of 90)