Asheville Primary School

APS Family Connection 9/16/2020

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Friday is Pajama Day

Staff and PK students may wear pajama's to school.

Story times will happen in your classrooms from special guests throughout the day.

If you are at home, wear your pajamas to your Google Meets. Send in pictures of you doing your schoolwork in your pjs!

Let's connect with each other in our most cozy attire!

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Town Hall Follow Up

Thank you for joining us for yesterday's town hall meeting. Hopefully, you’ve had a chance to process the knowledge you received and realize you may now have additional questions. Please submit your comments and questions in this form. An FAQ will come out soon with some of the answers to what you have posted.

Or, if you would like to ask your questions in “person”, please join us for our next virtual town hall. It’s taking place on Tuesday, October 13th at 5:00 PM over Zoom. The October 13th agenda will mirror last night’s discussion.

Click here for information about joining the meeting .

Students are doing a great job staying engaged, using their mute buttons, and hand signals. ~Mr. Ken

Gratitude~It's in the Mail

Lots of people in our school work behind the scenes to make sure things run smoothly. This week, we would like to highlight the voices you hear on the phone when you call the front office. Ms. Karena is our bookkeeper. Ms. Courtney is our data manager. Ms. Polly is our Preschool Enrollment and Engagement Coordinator. These ladies take your phone calls, answer your questions, connect families and staff, and so many tasks that you only see the results of! If you would like to show them some appreciation, please send them some mail to: 441 Haywood Road, Asheville, NC 28806. They would love to decorate their office with your artwork, notes and letters.
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Miss seeing all those Asheville Primary faces? We have extra 2019-2020 yearbooks! To get one: pay through the PTC online store and then email Polly to arrange a pickup time in front of the school (should be ready for next day pick up). The PTC store can be found at: You can also use this link to purchase a yearbook for the school to donate to someone else.
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Attendance and Grades

Remote Attendance

A student can be considered present for any of the following reasons:

  • attend virtual class meeting
  • complete daily assignments
  • two way communication with teacher (email, phone, text)
  • COMING NEXT WEEK....filling out the daily Google form sent out next week by your teacher


Remote learning grades will come from the work your child completes on Seesaw or in the Google Meets with your teachers. It is important to complete assignments in all areas so that your child will have grades. If you have questions, please email your child's teacher. Report cards will be sent home on October 30th. Please expect them in the mail.


Our Montessori students are working on completing STAR assessments this month with their teacher. There may be some tech issues that arise...don't worry if you get "kicked out" of the test, just reenter when you can. These tests will not be used for high stakes decisions. They are used for planning instruction for your child. If you have any questions, please ask your teacher.



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Square Breathing

Use this picture to help you and your child take a moment to breathe. Use your finger to trace the square going up the left side and breathing in. Move your finger across the top while you hold your breath. Move your finger down the right side while you breath out. Move your finger across the bottom while you hold that exhale. Then repeat three times.