Pop Latino Music!

By Anthony Strong

Pop Latino music is mostly play/listened to at weddings and parties. This is because Pop Latino music is very fast beat, which is great for dancing. People that mostly sing this kind of music would fall into our American category of Hip Hop/Pop! Singers include Shakaria, Christina and even Pitbull!!

Latin Pop originated from American Pop. Once American Pop was created, Latin Pop soon followed. Immigration to the United states also helped with Latin pop. When Mexican immigrants along with other immigrants came to the US they brought their culture with them. When all of the cultures blended BAM, you have Latin pop music.

Instruments used in this kind of music include: Bongos, Drum Set, Congas, Timbale and many more

There are no specific outfits that are for this style of music. Just outfits that you can dance to because the Latin Pop music's culture include lots of dancing, having fun and laughing the night away. The events that are surrounded by this are festivals, parties and weddings.

What is the future of Latin Pop Music?

Latin Pop Music will continue to flourish and increase in popularity all over the world.