Sakurajima Volcano

Emily Goodrich and Valentina Zimmerman


The Sakurajima is in the top 7 most dangerous volcanoes. These 7 volcanoes are classified as "Super Volcanoes." This volcano is so active that the residents are used to it erupting everyday. These eruptions are usually just ash and a little bit of rocks, it usually isn't terrible.


Sakurajima is located in Kagoshima, Japan. During the biggest eruption of all time on January 11th, 1914, the land connected with Omuni Peninsula.

Plate Boundry

The Eurasian Plate, a continental plate, coming in contact with the Philippine plate, an oceanic plate causes Sakurajima to form.

Safety Hazard

The Sakurajima is so explosive that when it erupts rock and ash fly out. In the picture down below it shows residents wearing helmets to protect themselves from debris, rock or ashes.