The blind criminals

Starring the three blind mice

Baddest mice in town

These 3 blind mice aren't just any ordinary mice you see. These mice use them being blind to steal things and get away with it. Each mouse has been arrested at least 3 times in their life. The use the money off of pawned items to make bail. This time it was a little different.

The not so perfect crime

One night these 3 blind mice left to do their daily grab and go, to steal, and what they didn't know was that a undercover cop was following them. The mice were caught red handed stealing. When they try to say that they didn't know what they were doing because their blind, the cop pulled up surveillance camera that shows otherwise. They have just been caught committing a felony. They issued a subpoena for the 3 mice.

The Trail

Coming to a end

Jerry's decision

Once the Judge started to go over the evidence and come to a conclusion, Jerry couldn't take all the guilt he felt so he plea bargained.

Final round

The prosecution was coming to an end. This is when the decided to bring in the farmers wife. She had seen the 3 blind mice behavior before. The farmers wife is the reason why the mice tails are gone. The farmers wife said that the mice stole her jewels and wallet and because of their records the court believed the farmers wife. The court arrangement was all being put into place. The mice were all convicted of theft and larceny. By the time Caleb tried for an appeal it was too late