Voyage to Mars!

A family trip to mars would be out of this world!

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The Martian

A science-fiction novel by Andy Weir

Why should you go to Mars?

Do you love adventure and exciting vacations? Well if you do than Mars is the place for you! Take your family on a fun trip to the planet Mars. There is no shortage of discovery and adventure on Mars. Ours fabulous resorts on Mars overlook Mars's gorgeous red landscape and miles of red sand. Mars is full of many family friendly activities. The resorts include state of the art zero gravity roller coasters, pools, and spas. Mars is the perfect family vacation for you! Mars is also a cool place, because Mark Watney colonized it by growing potatoes. Earth and Mars are the only colonized plants in our solar system. That's pretty cool! In conclusion, a family trip to Mars would be out of this world!

“They say once you grow crops somewhere, you have officially ‘colonized’ it. So technically, I colonized Mars. In your face, Neil Armstrong!” ― Andy Weir, The Martian