Chesnut Update... In A Nutshell

Serving with Wycliffe Bible Translators

The Halfway Point

Thirteen years ago, as the new millennium began, Wycliffe leaders came together around a new vision: to start translation programs in every language needing them by 2025. So how are we doing at the halfway point? This year marked some significant firsts.

  • For the first time ever: the number of languages that may have a need for Bible translation fell below 2,000. Current estimates stand at 209 million people speaking 1,967 languages.
  • For the first time ever: the number of languages with translation in progress exceeds the number of languages needing translation.

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What You Do Matters!

On March 14, Wycliffe held a Scripture Celebration event. Kelly led a portion of worship and Melissa shared a story highlighting the Alune New Testament completion. The Alune people of Indonesia are one of 14 language communities, representing 1.7 million people from 11 countries, who now have access to the greatest treasure on earth—God's Word in the language they understand best!

In a recent message to all Wycliffe USA personnel, Wycliffe USA President Bob Creson wrote the following:

"What you do matters. You, along with your prayer and financial support teams, are participating in something never before witnessed. Every generation before us saw the numbers increasing as more and more languages were discovered, and more translation needs were verified. Now that trend has been reversed. The finish line is in sight..."

THANK YOU for being part of the Bible translation team and helping to bring God's Word to the language communities still needing it in their heart language.


Years ago, a friend in Colorado ordered a personalized license plate: HZ FTHFL. Have you figured it out yet? He's Faithful. And how true that has been in our lives! Over the past 12 years that we have been with Wycliffe, we have seen God's faithfulness time and again. No matter what the month held, God always provided for our needs--be they physical, emotional, spiritual or financial.

With the challenging economy, we (like many of you) have faced some losses in financial support. And we continue to look to Him to provide new opportunities for partnership. Please pray with us as we continue to look to God for our monthly needs. If you feel led by God to participate on a greater level or if you know someone who is looking for an opportunity to invest in bringing God's Word to the world and join our support team, please let us know.

Let's stay in touch!

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