Psychogenic Pain


Psychogenic Pain Is:

-A physical pain that is caused, increased or prolonged by mental, emotional, or behavioral factors. In common cases, it comes in the form of a headache. However, in mental disorders such as (not limited to) schizophrenia, depression and anxiety, it can take on many forms.
Stress Headaches

the nocebo effect

The Nocebo Effect is when you are told to expect something, or to look out for something, such as side effects to a drug, and you feel those feelings even if they are not there, because you expect them.

For example, if you are on a medication and you read the bottle to discover that headaches are a side effect, it is a lot more likely that you will experience a headache than if you hadn't read the bottle.

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When/in who psychalgia occurs:

-Psychogenic pain can take on form during the hallucinations of Schizophrenia, or can come on as a headache or stomach ache during panic attacks or anxious feelings during anxiety disorders or panic disorder.

-Normal, mentally healthy people can experience psychalgia during or after times of social rejection, grief, stress, or other emotional events.

Psychogenic Disease

-Psychogenic Disease is physical illness that is believed to have derived from emotional or psychological stresses. If a person is ill and a biological conclusion cannot be found as to why this person is sick, they are assumed to have Psychogenic Disease.

-Examples of this are psychogenic seizures, psychogenic tremors and psychogenic pain.

-Most forms of fibromyalgia are psychogenic diseases. (Most people develop it after a traumatic event or loss.)

Fibromyalgia - One Minute Medical School

Examples: Disorders with psychogenic pain as a symptom

-Schizophrenia: often, when hallucinations occur, psychalgia relating to the contents of the hallucination can occur.

-Anxiety Disorder: when people are severely anxious, stomach aches, head aches, or other various pain can occur

- Hypochondriasis: in this disorder, people fear having illnesses so much they start to feel the symptoms of some of the feared illnesses.

Treatment For Psychogenic Pain


-antidepressants or anti anxiety drugs

-non narcotic painkillers

-In some cases, meditation has been known to help reduce Psychalgia

By: Taylor Elliott

Psychology, Block 3