P3 Parent Newsletter

October 2015

Welcome from the Room Parents!

Dear Parents,

We are your room parents for the school year.

Sanieh Morgan is Keyhan's mom.

Melissa Ulrich is Reed's mom.

About once a month you will receive a newsletter from us with volunteer opportunities and news about upcoming events. As you have seen, we are utilizing Sign Up Genius to organize volunteer opportunities and Paperless Post for class playdates. If you have not received these, please email Melissa and let her know so you can be added. This month is a lot of information so hang in there. We promise future ones will be shorter! We are here to help the guides and you so if there is anything you need from us, please don't hesitate to ask.

Thank you to all who have already signed up to volunteer for the school year. We have almost every spot filled for the fall! That is incredible and we are thankful to have such an involved group of parents! Welcome to a great school year in P3!

Melissa & Sanieh

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Reminder P3 Playdate Sunday October 4th

Quick reminder an invite went out via Paperless Post. Our October Playdate will be Sunday from 3-6PM. It is a come and go so don't feel like you need to be there all three hours. It is at the Whole Foods on 5th/Lamar. On the roof top there is a great playscape. You can grab a snack or dinner inside the store as well. We will try to have a play date about once a month outside of school to help build community between the parents and children. See you there!
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Upcoming Cultural Fest

Cultural Fest 2015

Saturday, October 17

3:00 - 6:00 p.m.

$10/adult (Children are free)

Athena Main Lawn

Our 10th annual Cultural Fest is just around the corner! In celebration of our diverse community, we invite you to share a dish or dessert representative of your heritage. In addition to good food and good company, there will be music, drinks, a cash bar for the adults, and lots of fun activities for the children!

Parents, we need your help! Visit our SignUp Genius page to learn how you can help and volunteer for a shift at the Food Tables! We only need 5 more volunteers for this!

We are also in need donations of cupcakes for our cakewalk! If you would like to donate to the cakewalk, click "I Wanna Donate!"

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Optional Class Giving Guide

For those of you who are new to Athena and also for returning members, we wanted to share with you how we as Room Parents help organize our gift giving to the guides throughout the year. Every gift giving opportunity is OPTIONAL. You are never required to participate in this. Historically speaking, the room parents have offered this as a way to help make your life easier if you choose to participate. If you do not want to participate, it is completely ok. There is also never any set amount to give. It is truly what you feel comfortable giving. The amounts are always kept confidential. We sign from the entire class on every card.

We have four opportunities: each guides' birthday, the December holidays, Tickets to the school fundraiser in April, and at the end of the year. For each opportunity there will be an envelope that says ROOM PARENT in Keyhan's file folder that you can place cash in. You can also paypal melissa@tripstothemouse.com. Please utilize the send money to friends and family option to avoid fees being charged. Also include a note as to what the money is for, ie birthdays, holidays, etc. There will also be an envelope that says CARDS that will have the cards the children can sign. The following is a list of what you can expect and when.

October: We have decided to collect for all 3 birthdays(Brittany, Janey, and Drew) at once to help everyone consolidate the gift giving. Ideally we like to gift something in the $75 range per guide. We use their personal favorites list to help us choose the item. Typically gift certificates to their favorite restaurant, yoga class, massage, etc. If we collect more, we will spend more, if we collect less, we will spend less.

If you want to participate in this, please either use the envelope for cash or paypal during this month, starting Tuesday October 6th. We would like to close out this gift giving on October 30th. Also please have your children sign the cards in there. This part may be a little confusing for the children since their birthdays aren't in October. We are just doing this to make it easier for the parents.

December: We will collect for the holiday gifts during this month. More details to come for this. At this time there is also an opportunity to add money for the support staff as well that is consolidated with all of the classes. So if you participate in before or after care, we have you covered in addition to our guides.

April: Mark your calendars now for the Annual Fundraiser on April 9th. It is a generous gesture that we provide the tickets for our guides and their dates to the annual fundraiser. Collection will actually happen in March. And side plug-start thinking of businesses you frequent to help with the silent and live auction donation collection!

End of May: End of year appreciation gift collection takes place during this month. This will also include the support staff like in December.

We hope this information is helpful to you so you know when we will be doing class giving throughout the entire year. We are all so fortunate to be a part of the Athena community. I know our school does an amazing job of taking care of the guides and staff. These gifts are just the way to show the guides and staff how much we as parents appreciate them.

Our contact info

Sanieh Morgan 512.470.2362, saniehmorgan@gmail.com

Melissa Ulrich 512.825.2454, melissa@tripstothemouse.com

PS-Thank you for reading such a long newsletter!