KB Classroom Update 13

February 26, 2015

Parent Update

Dear KB Families,

Happy 100 days to us,

Happy 100 days to us,

Happy 100 days at Brooklyn Prospect,

Happy 100 days to us!

YAY! We made it! We've learned so much and had such fun, let's give ourselves a cheer! Thank you for your ongoing love and support during these past 100 days. It has been a pleasure seeing the social and academic progress made throughout the past few months. Our students continue to approach everything with a smile, give their best effort, and most importantly, HAVE FUN!

The class also has made great progress in communicating their feelings and/or concerns to their peers. In Second Step, our socio-emotional curriculum, we have been practicing how to calm down: focus your attention on your body, use self-talk to say "Stop," and then name your feeling. This week we learned some steps to help us solve problems. We learned that if we have strong feels, then we cannot think well so we need to calm down first before we solve a problem. The first step is to Say the problem. The second step is to Think of solutions, which means to come up with lots of ideas to solve the problem. We extended this out by practicing what to do in situations where some friends are left out or alone. We practiced empathy by role playing and practicing inviting other children to play with us. Our KB students are great actors...simply naturals! Practice role playing with them at home and get ready to be amazed.

We can't wait to see what is in store for the next 100 days as we continue to grow and learn from each other. We love you KB! :-)

Happy 100th day of school!

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Happy 100 Days to KB

100 Days of Working!

KB Writing Celebration!

100 Days of Playing!

Volunteer to help out during Recess at Metrotech

Please join us on Mon, Tues, Thurs, and Fridays from 11:15-12:00pm as we play at Metrotech!

Volunteer to help during Recess at Fort Greene Park

Please join us on Wednesdays from 11:15-1:00pm as we play and eat at Fort Greene Park!

Volunteer to help during Recess at Park Slope Armory

Please join on every other Friday from 10:00-12:00pm as we play at Park Slope Armory!

KB Morning Read Aloud

Volunteer for Morning Read Aloud

KB loves reading, and we love hearing other adults read to us. If you would like to join us for a morning read aloud, please use the link above to volunteer. We can't wait for you to visit!

KB Family Community Share

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Nina's family (Craig, Nina, Miho)

Volunteer for Family Community Share

KB loves learning about different types of communities along with our inquiry unit. Please use the link above to sign up and share about your family's cultural tradition and heritage!


  • Parent Teacher Conferences will take place March 30th - April 1st. This is a great opportunity to sit down individually with us to discuss your child's progress, what he or she is working on in class, and how your child could be supported with this work at home. Keep an eye out for more information and sign-ups in the BPCS Downtown Updates via email.
  • For our Transportation unit, we would love to have parent volunteers who can come into our classroom and help the students build the 3D vehicles. We sent an email out to our class parents regarding the times we will be working on these projects, so please sign up using the link below and come join us!
Transportation Unit Building Volunteers

It is time to start building these vehicles. The final groups are: limo/car, subway, bike, submarine, battleship, airplane, and rocket. Please volunteer for as many time slots possible!


  • We are sending home books with your child on Fridays to read over the weekend. Your child will bring home 1-2 books that he or she read over the course of the week, plus a special book that you can read to your child (that book will be above your child's level). These books will give your child another opportunity to engage with texts at their independent reading level. Feel free to encourage your child to read it to you over the weekend and return it by Tuesday in his/her green take-home folder. Please note: this is not homework, as we do not assign homework in Kindergarten at BPCS. However, these are books your child will feel successful at reading and it would be a great opportunity for more practice. In order to receive a new book, it is important that your child returns the books they took home over the weekend.
  • Please support your child's reading at home by logging into the website, RAZ Kids (stands for Reading A-Z Kids) and accessing 100s of books that your child can read independently! The site is set for your child's specific reading level to help meet them where they are and support their reading growth. Happy reading everyone!
  • BPCS Spring Gala and Auction! Save the date of March 12, 2016 for Our School’s Biggest Annual Fundraiser - Our Spring Gala & Auction. This year’s event will pay tribute to BPCS’s first graduating class of seniors, so we hope to have great turnout! In addition to supporting the Gala with your attendance, we are seeking volunteers to help plan as well as on the night of the event. Here are some of the things that you can do: solicit auction items, help with auction website and promotion, organize volunteers, help decide the menu, procure dessert donations, and more. You can sign up here or email auction@brooklynprospect.org to get involved - a little or a lot. We would love to have your help!
Bid on KB's Class Quilt

KB collaborated with Ms. Walsh and our lovely parents to create this unique monster-theme quilt, which was hand-drawn by students and hand-sewn by parents! Bid online or at the Gala Saturday evening. Also, check out the "Teacher Features" up for bid!

Classroom Links

RAZ Kids (Reading A-Z Kids)

Teacher Username: kbclassroom, Child's password: first and last initial.

KB Amazon Wish List

If you donate something to the class, we want to thank you in advance and we would appreciate if you could tell us the itemized list, so we could pass the information along to the Operations Team in order for them to ensure that we receive the items.

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Important Dates to Remember

  • 3/8 - Kindergarten Parent Coffee with Mr. Saunders (8:30 am)
  • 3/11 - Field Trip to New York Transit Museum (9-12:30 pm)
  • 3/12 - BPCS Spring Gala and Auction
  • 3/23 - Winter Curriculum Share (9-12pm)
  • 3/24 - Pajama Day
  • 3/25 - Narrative #2 sent home
  • 3/25 - Good Friday (No school)
  • 3/30-3/31 - Parent Teacher Conferences
  • 4/1 - Parent Teacher Conferences (No school)

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