*- Michael Jackson -*

" The King of Pop "

Let's start from the beginning...

Michael was born in 1958, in Indiana (USA).

When he was just a child, he could sing like a real professional and when was just 5 years old, he formed a musical group with his brothers, called "Jackson 5".

At the end of 1971, he began his solo career and he released more than 10 albums.

In 1993, he got married to Lisa Marie Presley (Elvis Presley's daughter) but two years later they broke up.

In November, 1996, he remarried to Deborah Jeanne Rowe and they had three children.

The King of Pop went through many aesthetic surgeries, apparently he didn't want to have black skin, so he did all that he could to look like a white person.

Finally, he died in June, 2009 due to an intoxication.

Jackson 5 ...

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... Can you see any difference ?

His childhood and formation...

Michael had a troubled relationship with his dad, Joe.

In 2003, Joe acknowledged that he regularly whipped Michael as a boy. Joe was also said to have verbally abused his son, often saying that he had a "fat nose".

When was singing on Christmas celebrations, at the school, people could see his very good musical qualities.

Finally, he decided to be a musician because his father wanted.

His most famous works...

Michael Jackson Who Is It (Lyrics)

The beginning of a passion...

My aunt loves Michael Jackson since she was a child but I didn't know that before. One day while she was driving, she played his music. "Who Is It" was the first song I heard and from that very moment I became to be a newly Michael's fan.

Now, I am always listening to Michael's music and I think that he is a great singer as well as magnificent dancer but above all I believe he also was a really good person.