2nd Grade Class News

Mrs. Gaudette, Miss Holden, Mrs. Karstaedt, Mrs. Mitchell

Week of May 9, 2016

Reader's Workshop

Characters, Fables, and Fairytales

In reader's workshop, the students will delve into reading fictional texts such as fables and and fairytales. In particular, they will discuss the character's behavior and feelings and think about how they can 'act out' the role of their particular characters. In addition to this they will notice character's personalities and why they act and say the things they do. Students will be encouraged to write sticky notes about these findings by using their writing prompts:

(Character) is a (character type) because ...

Is the character good or bad? _____ is a good/bad character because…

Why is this happening? _____ is happening because…..

What will happen next? I think _____ because…..

Is the main character learning a lesson or teaching one?


Next week, the second grade will FINISH the last unit in the study of Fundations! This is HUGE for the second graders to have covered all of the Fundations material this year, with days left to spare!

The students will finish learning about the consonant -le syllable which is used at the end of a word and always includes three letters. Some examples of these are:

cuddle beagle simple sickle

Writer's Workshop

Don't Let the Pigeon...

Next week, as an alternate unit of study, students will begin writing persuasive stories from "The Pigeon". If you have not yet "met" the Pigeon, he is a character in the best-selling series by Mo Willem. One of the famous titles we will read in class is Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus!. The second grade students will create their own book about the pigeon, who is persuading the reader to allow him to do something.



This week, in an effort to prepare for the end of the year benchmark assessment from the county, students will be reviewing concepts learned this year. Some of the material we will cover includes:

  • Line Plots
  • Measurement
  • Word Problems
  • Place Value

Specials Schedule


Monday: Library

Tuesday: Art

Wednesday: Computer

Thursday: Music

Friday: PE


Monday: Music

Tuesday: PE

Wednesday: Library

Thursday: Art

Friday: Computer


Monday: Computer

Tuesday: Music

Wednesday: PE

Thursday: Library

Friday: Art


Monday: PE

Tuesday: Library

Wednesday: Art

Thursday: Computer

Friday: Music

Reminders & Such...

Friday, May 13th

Carnival @ 5:00pm

*Don't forget to bring in items for the 2nd grade's Patriotic & Picnic-Themed basket!

PBIS Incentives!

As part of our positive behavior program, for the rest of the year the students will have a chance to earn two different rewards! One contest between grades K-2 and grades 3-4 consists of students working representing their paws to gain class DOJO points. The class from K-2 to get the most points will get to go bowling on June 3rd! The other incentive is as individuals - from May 2nd to June , the students will have a chance to earn 24 total PAWS - students must earn AT LEAST 23 PAWS in total to attend a LUAU, complete with games, dancing and snacks!

mClass (Reading) Testing

Next week students will begin testing with another 2nd grade teacher next week for their end of the year reading scores. Below there is a list of your child's class and the day they will begin their reading assessment. Be sure they get a good night's rest and off to a good start to ensure they will do their best!

Gaudette: Thursday; May 12th

Holden: Wednesday; May 11th

Karstaedt: Friday; May 13th

Mitchell: Tuesday; May 10th