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This is an affiliated site of Bexley AC, It has been set up to give information on the Throws group to athletes and their parents.

The aim is to put up useful information including current session plans, links to competitions and training videos. There will be no photos of young athletes or their information on this website.

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As you are all aware there is no official training session at the track until end of April, following EA's advice.

Fear not the coaches have a plan.........

I will post session and videos for you to follow on this page over the next few weeks.


Training Session in place of schedule track sessions


Please choose your discipline specific drills and practice them at least three times per week.

Please include the balancing session in addition to your drills on one of the days, as well as a strength session.

If you wish you can do the other discipline drills as well.


Strength Sessions

See videos, & session plans below.

You can get resistance bands from sports shops, Amazon or if you are really stuck message me & I'll post one to you.


Andy & Steve demonstrate Discus & shot drills

Video 1: Warm up
Andys warm up
Discus turn

Strength Exercises

25 Minute FULL BODY Home HIIT Workout | The Body Coach TV
20 Minute home KETTLEBELL Workout | The Body Coach TV
Shoulder Strengthening Exercises with a Resistive Band - Ask Doctor Jo
The Eight Minute At Home Abs Workout
Power of 10

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