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There is no two ways about it. The workload is high, expectations are high and desire to do the right thing for our learners is high too. This means we also need to keep the morale high.

“10 reasons to be cheerful” section of Engage, encourages you to nominate what makes you feel cheerful at the College. What keeps you going when the going gets tough? We will publish these weekly to cheer us all up.

1. It's half term! Have a great week

2. It is a beautiful Sunny day

3. Payday!

4. Ski trips for some of our children

5. Fiona's sister is coming to visit

6. A lovely Admin student on Work Experience with us - thanks for all your help Charlotte!

7. The success of the Pop Up Shop

8. Random Acts of Kindness that have popped up this week!

9. A linoprint course for our supply Sally tomorrow! Have fun!

10. The very successful Mandarin event - thanks to all involved! Happy Chinese New Year! (see photos below)

Could you be a be-friender?

Autism Guernsey and Mencap Guernsey are looking for people in Guernsey to become be-frienders for people on Island with Autism, this can be very rewarding for both people, and its all about providing relationships and experiences that people without a disability take for granted. The role is to support another person to enjoy an active and happy social life - and depending on interests can be anything from a coffee and a walk to tinkering with engines or shopping in town. Its all about having fun! Here is a link to the Befriending Scheme - why not get involved? http://www.autismguernsey.org.gg/home/what-we-do/befriending-scheme/

Marketing Request Form

If you have a need for any marketing materials including brochures, web pages, adverts, posters, social media campaign imagery or any other marketing jobs you need to complete the following form.

There is 4 weeks notice for all jobs except for social media requests which require one week notice. Before placing a request be sure to discuss your request and agree it with your Faculty Director , Head of LSS or Director of Operations. You can also email Trish on marketing@gcfe.net

Click here to complete the Marketing Request Form: http://form.jotformeu.com/form/52743824060351

Who's Who!

We are looking to put a Who’s Who section on My CFE in the near future which I am sure you will find helpful. In order to help us have this publication produced you are all asked to complete this short form with information about yourself that we can then edit and use to produce the College’s Who’ Who document. http://form.jotformeu.com/form/52463061053345

Half term is here!

A sigh of relief I hear from many with the realisation that half term is here. A very well done to you all for another 6 weeks of hard work and exciting activities across all areas. Specifically towards the end of this half term we had many of our staff struck down by the lurgi that has been going around. This has affected some of the areas worse than others. My thanks to the IT team who coped brilliantly over a period of high staff sickness. All hands on deck including Jane Fears teaching IT. Your dedication, positive and can do attitude is admirable. Very well done everyone.

I hope you all enjoyed getting involved in www.kindess.gg project. Thank you so much for lighting my day up by various gestures of kindness. It has been great to see your efforts and I hope that we continue with the momentum.

A big thank you to Investec who, by sponsoring our tickets, provided a great opportunity for our staff and students to take part in this year's TedX - which promises inspiring speakers from all over the world here to answer challenging questions relevant to our local issues here in Guernsey, along with local speakers delivering community level innovation projects to have a positive impact and quality on our lives. I hope you find the event stimulating and inspiring and look forward to hear your ideas after half term.

A heartfelt thanks for your kind comments regarding the feature article in Guernsey Press ealier this week. I feel overwhelmingly humbled and privileged to have received such warm messages of support. After so long from having gone through a horrendous experience of losing the life as I knew it over 16 years ago, your supportive and kind messages strongly re-affirmed my belief in human spirit. So a bit thank you to all and if my story inspired you to remain positive and not give up through adversities I will be so glad to have gone through the pain of sharing my story with you.

Wishing you a restful and enjoyable half term.

Saboohi Famili

CEO and Principal

College news: The week that was!

News from CSSD

We are pleased to say that we can now give your laptop a timely refresh which should help with the performance and also the boot time.

We would like to upgrade the operating system to Windows 10, which should give you a noticeable improvement and look. We have started to roll-out windows 10 and some computers have been upgraded to windows 10 in the libraries.

If you would like to take advantage of this, do please let us know by replying to this email, but please note that due to planned work next week we will start this after the half-term break. We will need your laptop returned to us at Delancey and left with us for a day.

We will do this on a first come, first served basis and will do as many at once as we have room for.

College branding files are now on MyCFE - thanks Tamara.

These can all be found under the Staff Room tab in the Branding Information link.

Everything should be fairly self-explanatory, but please do not hesitate to ask if there are any queries.

This site will be regularly updated with the latest logos, leaflets, etc – so please keep checking back to make sure you have everything up to date.

News from CASI Faculty

This has been a very busy week for Year 2 Performing Arts students as they as they have their two performances of Agatha Crusty and the Village Hall Murders. The students have already done one very successful performance and have their final one this Saturday from 7.30pm.

Year 1’s also have a production called The Country Wife on tonight also from 7.30pm.

Tickets are still available from guernseytickets.gg or by calling Box Office on 749999.

Creative and Digital Arts students have also been gaining experience in external projects. Tiegan and Holly have been displaying some of their work in TedX St Peter Port and other student work has also been displayed in the OSA Pop up shop this week. The pop up shop was transformed into an art gallery this week and students from all 3 levels had work on show. Level 3’s produced a series of photographs and Level 1 and 2 had their work transformed into amazing greeting cards.

In Hospitality and Catering Cranfords estate agency and the college jointly sponsored the bean jar and Guernsey biscuits for the re-vamp of the historical La Valette bathing pools. Swimmers went into the water last Sunday and swam as well as making a donation for the bean jar and bread. A group of volunteers and Steve made 200 portions of the above and the total money made on the day was over £3000.00.

Third year apprentices having been making pasta this week in the College’s commercial pasta maker. You can see the results were very impressive

Hair and Beauty are once again open for business. The wide range of treatments available to book are below.

All Level 2 Beauty treatments – currently excluding Facials and waxing

Monday: 9.30-11.45 & 1.15-4.00

(Manicure and Pedicure ONLY)

Monday Evening: 6.00-8.00

(Manicure/Pedicure/*Lash & brow tinting/Brow shaping with tweezers/*False eyelashes/Makeup)

Wednesday: 10.30-1.00 (Manicure & Pedicure ONLY)

& 2.30-4.45 (*Lash & brow tinting/Brow shaping with tweezers/*False eyelashes/Makeup)

Thursday: 10.30-12.45 (*Lash & brow tinting/Brow shaping with tweezers/*False eyelashes/Makeup)

*Patch test required at least 48hours prior to tinting or false lashes

LEVEL 3 treatments:

Tuesday 1.15 – 4.00 Massage

Thursday Evening 5.15 – 7.45 – Face and Body Electrical

News from Enterprise Agency

Following on from last weeks the exciting retail activities in the OSA Pop-up shop this week saw us change things around to convert the shop into a gallery space for work by the level 3 second year Art and Design students.

On Monday morning the shelving and Valentines signs disappeared and Simon and Neil arrived with a load of mounted photographs to put up. It was great to see the wonderful creative work that the students have done out on display and the space looked amazing. Alongside the photographs we also had a range of unique cards on sale printed with designs created by students from level 1 through to level 3.

In the end we were able to install over 30 pieces of student work in the space so a huge thank you to Alice, Simon, Neil and Charlie for pulling together to make the space a success and for going the extra mile to help showcase the work of our talented students. We have had many really positive comments about the gallery this week and people have said how much they enjoy seeing the student work made accessible to the community.

If you have not had the opportunity to come down to the shop to see the Gallery don’t worry – we are planning to bring the exhibition on a tour round to all of the campuses so that we can all get to share in the talent and creativity of our students.

In closing it has been a wonderful and exciting two weeks representing the College in the Community and showing people what we can produce. I feel very proud of the work we do and I think that events like this are a great reminder of what our students can achieve. I would like to extend special thanks to Gillian, Paula, Kim, Helen, Siobhan, Ryan, Emmy and all of the students and tutors who made this two weeks possible.

I would also like to make a special mention of two students from childcare - Chloe Le Tissier and Lily Russell from the 2nd year Diploma in Childcare and Education (EYE) Course who worked in the shop on Friday of last week. Their bubbly infectious enthusiasm was tangible to everyone coming into the shop and they went out of their way to engage the customers and make them smile. They reminded me of why the work we do is so very worthwhile!


Year 1 Child Care

The 1st Year childcare students attended an exciting and innovative learning event when they went to London to the Nursery World Exhibition see photo below. This was a showcase for best practice within the sector, an opportunity to network with agencies and other professionals and also a gathering of businesses who were displaying the latest technologies, resources and courses. This allowed the students to relate their knowledge from the curriculum to mainland practice but also to look further afield to opportunities for employment outside of the island.

There were also ‘big-name speakers’ and seminars at the exhibition which were hugely engaging and able to offer information, guidance and expertise on particular topics. Some of these speakers were Michael Rosen, Penny Tassoni and Annabel Karmel (see pic) to name but a few.

Fiona Martin and Charlie Froome accompanied the students and were proud of the mature attitude and professional manner in which the students represented the College.

Health and Social Care

Health and Social Care students were heavily involved in the HSSD recruitment Event at the Princess Elizabeth Hospital last Friday. There were representatives from all areas of HSSD and students were encouraged to use the opportunity to visit the day to find out more about the wide variety of roles in the sector. Ad hoc interviews were arranged for some of our second year students who wanted to be included on the supply register for HSSD and the news is that those that chose to apply have been successful.

Well Done!

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Latest figures show that approximately 1 in 67 people have a diagnosis of autism. With this in mind, there is a very good chance that some of you will have a student in your classes who is on the spectrum either now or in the future. I found this interesting video where a young man with Asperger’s syndrome explains what living with autism feels like and how we can help to make life a little easier for them.

I hope that you find it informative.


Wendy Davis

Learning Support Assistant

Communication and Autism Support Service


The Motor Vehicle department are offering ‘live’ car service slots, available on Tuesdays, providing invaluable opportunities for students to collect evidence for their portfolios.

Any faults found that need repair may be able to be completed by the motor vehicle section, you will be charged for parts used and will need to make a contribution of £25 which will be donated to a local charity.

Contact Ian Tulie or Rob Robilliard, spaces have filled up very quickly, thanks for your support.

Carpentry and Joinery are working on a project with Vauvert school and Guernsey Water to show examples of reducing surface waters into the sewers effectively and at relatively low cost. We have plans for planters that will receive the rainwater pipes and then discharge to the gully through an overflow, this slowing the flows into the system. Thanks to Brian Roussel for working on this project.

ICE had good student attendance at the progression event held on Monday night, thanks to Andrew, John and Joe for their support, see them in action below with their impressive new table cloths!!


All departments seem to be making fantastic use of their allocated iPads (hooray!), however, as a result, some iPads are running out of space (boo!)

Here are my top tips for saving space on your iPads.

Find out where your space is being used up so you can target your space saving activity accurately. Go to Settings>General>Storage and iCloud Usage>Manage Storage.

Take photos and record videos directly within the Google Drive app. Once they are there, delete them from the iPad (they will automatically save to the iPad as a backup, even though you are using the Google Drive app). This screencast shows you how to take a photo or record a video in the Google Drive app.

Upload any photos or videos stored on your iPad to Google Drive then delete them from the iPad. To do this, locate the video/photo, select it, tap the share icon (bottom left of screen) and share to Google Drive. You can upload multiple photos/videos this way.

Turn off ‘my photo stream’ to prevent photos and videos being shared across devices. To do this go to Settings>Photos and Camera>My Photo Stream (toggle off). Please ensure that all the photos and videos that are in photo stream have been saved to Google Drive before turning off photo stream as it will delete all of the the photos from photo stream on the iPad.

Spring clean your apps. Navigate through your home screen and pinpoint apps that the department don’t use or need anymore. Press and hold the app icon until it wriggles. Tap the cross icon in the top left-hand corner to delete.

Clear Safari’s cache - Safari’s cache is beneficial if you visit the same sites, as it already has a copy of the website to hand for quicker loading. However, a cache can build up in size. Go to Settings>Safari and tap ‘clear history and website data’. Do the same for Chrome.

Force restart from time to time. Force-restarting your device forces iOS to wipe clean its temporary files and purge caches. To perform a force restart, press and hold the Sleep/Wake and Home buttons simultaneously until an Apple logo appears. In addition to clearing caches, this method may help your device run a little faster for some time.

Close apps – whilst this won’t save space, it will likely make your iPad run more efficiently. iPad apps always run in the background until you close them. So get in the habit of closing apps when you finish with the iPads. To do this, double tap the home button and swipe up to close everything.

Social Committee news...

You will not want to miss this event!! Test your knowledge against colleagues and have a yummy curry to boot

When & what? Friday 1st April, Quiz n' Curry Night

50 seats available - teams of 5

First come, first served.

£5 per head (£2.50 for food and £2.50 for charity).

Bring your own drinks!

prize: a meal in the College Restaurant!

Contact: Phil E to book - phile@gcfe.net


As part of the development work which came from our validation we need to develop a project which will aim to support our students ‘learning to learn’. This discussion has also been taking place in teams and with the College Management Team. We are now at a point where we should put some planning in place to look at what the College should be doing in this regard.

Are you interested in being part of a BIG project which will develop the planning for a programme for FT students to learn to learn?

Come to an initial meeting on Thursday 3rd March 4pm Coutanchez


A recruitment evening will be held on the evening of 1st March to recruit sessional lecturers, invigilators etc. at Les Ozouets Campus.



  • The Press Article about Saboohi's life - thank you for sharing
  • Rachel for keeping Adult Ed going!
  • Charlotte on W/Ex for all her help
  • 2 minute training session on SAP with Laura - saving us all time - thanks Laura

  • A HUGE thank you to the exceptionally proactive Mark Rayment and Ryan Sperry for giving up their time this week to help Amy with her e-portfolio product research. Both of you have been incredibly helpful and the insights you provided were invaluable. True stars! Your time and effort was greatly appreciated.

  • A giant thank you also goes to Nicola Le Feuvre for giving her time to help Amy better understand features within ProMonitor, ProSolution and Markbook.

  • Many thanks to Paula Grady and Magdi for sharing their experiences of e-portfolios and responding so quickly to Amy’s request for their feedback.

  • Rachel Guilbert has brightened this week with her incredible brownie cheesecake baking. Those of us fortunate enough to try it were truly spoilt!

  • A big thank you goes to Rachel G and Martine Ellis for being so supportive and caring of fellow colleagues who have been unwell or dealing with stressful situations. These two fab ladies always think of others and are constantly on the look out for ways that they can help make people’s lives easier. They do this daily for so many of us and deserve a public thank you for their ongoing thoughtfulness.



  • Excessive use of acronyms in GCFE Communication
  • Vending Machines - the empty vending machine will be scrapped very soon. Unfortunately funds do not allow for a food vending machine to be put in place.


  • Refectory



  • First Aid room update please - The project has not been abandoned, we have now had a water supply installed, but the room still needs to be re-painted and furniture installed. Due to staff being committed to other projects, this is due to be completed over the half-term break
  • Automatic doors still not working - why? The barriers need to comply with the new British Standards requirement, there has been a delay, and the Technician team will know more next week.
  • Electrical items no longer being PAT tested - why? - the PAT testing used to be undertaken at the weekends as overtime by the technicians. Unfortunately, this is not permitted to be essential works, therefore, this will be completed in the Summer, time allowing.


  • Are we here to educate or make money - both.

For events happening at the PRCPA please click below...

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Trish has updated our Linked in Company page, and this will now hopefully pick up more followers.

Please can all staff who have a linkedin account please follow the College page - it might be that a link has already been created... but please check this. Thank you.

If you have anything exciting going on that can be publicised on Twitter/Facebook or LinkedIn please contact Laura or Trish. Thank you.


Can all new staff make themselves known to Dan Hunter, email Danh@gcfe.net if a) they are members of a UCU teaching union or b) they are interested in joining the UCU teaching union.

This will enable us to keep an up-to-date union member email distribution list to ensure all members are kept in the loop.