Unit 1 Challenge:

Design a Natural Disaster Response Plan

Natural Disaster PLan

My chosen community and disaster:

My chosen community is Orlando Florida. Orlando is near the equator and bodies of water. The climate is hot and moist. Other the year, the temperature varies from 11°C to 33°C. It is rarely below 4°C or above 35°C. The climate will effect my community when there is a huge rainfall. Hurricanes dump huge amounts of rain into the ocean, making surface water less salty. In Orlando Florida, there has been hurricanes in the past years.


There isn't any ways to completely prevent this situation from happening, because it is caused by global warming. Warm water fuels more energetic storms. We could help stop global warming but that would take more effort because everyone has to help and that might be difficult.


It is easier to lessen the force of a hurricane occurring. Using vegetation can be useful. For example, palm trees can be planted along the water or beaches so that when the storm hits, it will be slowed down by the trees in the way. Also, it will not hit the homes or buildings as fast.
During a hurricane you will need a food supply. Orlando is known for its Oranges. They're a fruit full of vitamins and has hydration because they are 50% or more contained with water. When a hurricane happens, everyone will want to evacuate the area. Disney can be used as shelter and it would be a good way to distract children from being scared or upset by this disaster.


To be prepared for a hurricane, there should be accurate hurricane warnings and well discussed to help the community prepare themselves. First aid kits should be made, and all necessary supplies should be collected. Creating a location away from home would be a good way to reassure that you won't get hurt by the storm.


When the hurricane hits Orlando, everyone in the community should try to evacuate from the area. All the things that were mentioned in "Preparedness" should be followed. Before you leave your home, make sure all electric items are unplugged or turned off because when the community returns to their homes, it would save you money on buying new appliances. There is a chance they will still work afterwards if your house wasn't damaged. A storm surge could occur. That is when wind pushes water around, causing flooding when pushed onto land.

What could happen to the water systems during the disaster?
There could be flooding, and sewage.


After the hurricane, the community will want to immediately want to get everything back to normal as quick as possible. To make that possible, starting charities or fundraisers will help raise money to cover the cost of damage. People will need to be aware of their drinking water because it could be damaged since the hurricane occurred.