PK 3.1

Dear parents,

Learning to share can be a challenge for young children, but sharing is an essential skill needed for play and learning throughout childhood. You can help your child learn to share by giving them plenty of time and opportunities to practice. Here are some ways to encourage sharing in everyday life:

  • · Point out good sharing in others. You can say things like, ‘Your friend was sharing her toys really well. That was kind of her’.
  • · When you see your child trying to share or take turns, make sure you give lots of praise and attention. For example, ‘I liked the way you let Jane play with your train. Great sharing!’
  • · Play games with your child that involve sharing and turn-taking. Talk your child through the steps, saying things like, ‘Now it’s my turn to build the tower, then it’s your turn. You share the red blocks with me, and I’ll share the green blocks with you’.

This week we have been focusing on 'how we make and keep friends' and 'how we can be part of a group'. We began the week asking “What does take turns mean?” and practiced with a game of "My turn at the microphone". The children took turns to hold the microphone and initiate a conversation. They practiced being good listeners and only talking when they were holding the microphone.

Together we made a class book with pictures and narrative about what we like to do with our friends at school. The children also made friendship bracelets and cards to share.

On Friendship Friday we shared a snack with our new friends in the grassy area. What a wonderful start to the year it has been!

Next week we begin our new study: Balls.

Enjoy the weekend!


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Math Night

Dear Pk Parents,

You are cordially invited to visit our PK classroom and learn how through involvement and participation in the different interest areas of the classroom your child uses mathematics to make sense of the world. You will also learn how he or she acquires the concepts and processes needed to become a successful mathematical thinker.

  • Date: Thursday, September 22nd, 2016
  • From: 4:00pm to 5:30pm
  • Place: PK classroom

Please let us know if you can come and participate in our Math Night.


PK Team

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Pizza Parlor Activities

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Sharing Cookies: Sesame Street: Little Children, Big Challenges

Friendship + Sharing

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