An Executive Summary

Invensure Insurance

Benefit Administration, we offer several solutions that we can tailor to your specific needs. One of our solutions is a web-based enrollment system that can simplify the administrative process, provide consistent and effective benefit communications to all employees to save you valuable time. Our enrollment system provides:

  • Streamlined benefit enrollments

  • Flexibility

  • Data Security

  • Consistent communications

  • Daily enrollment reporting

  • Accurate post-enrollment data

Our cost containment measures can help you better manage costs, and help reduce large claims and provide other benefits as well:

  • Voluntary and consumer-driven benefits to round out your current program

  • Pre-tax and discounted tax savings for you and your employees

  • Enhance/create a wellness program

We offer comprehensive benefit communication for each and every employee. We have flexible enrollment solutions that best fit your company’s needs

  • We educate each employee about available benefits

  • Educate employees on their personal benefit

  • Answer questions and lead the employee through the enrollment process