Despicable Cancer

By: Jenna Spakowicz


Have you ever notice what you can do to your body if you smoke? Lung cancer is the most common cancer that acts like a demon in your lungs. This despicable cancer is mostly caused by smoking tobacco and other drugs. Most people don’t survive lung cancer because of how much they smoked and what happened on the inside of them that could be killing their out. Most smokers know what the negative part of smoking is, but they don’t care, it’s a horrible addiction that is very hard to put a stop to.

The Family's side

Some families hate it so much that they hid the cigarette packs somewhere where the older adult can’t find it. Families like these sometimes don’t let their children by the older adult because of the smell of a smoker and the scary stank to the cigarette. Some people don’t realize that they are putting their lives in risk of having lung cancer. Teenagers don’t really care what they are gonna do to their body if they smoke. They think it’s cool and will continue to do it.


Lung cancer can do more damage to other parts of your body besides having your lungs turn black and disgusting. Lung cancer can put damage to your teeth, Create pimples, and your nails will turn yellow and disgusting, when a pregnant women were to smoke it can either kill the baby or it can hurt the baby.

Lung Cancer

You know a lot about what lung cancer can do to your insides and you're out, to your families and yourself. If you are a smoker you should be aware of these things that you are doing to yourself. It is a very hard addiction to get rid of, but you can do it if you try. You could be putting your life in danger.