Internet Safety

By, Maddy Cook


Many people are bullyed every day. Bullys do this for attention or to take there anger out on others. But we need more people to STOP all of this bullying. So instead of being a bystander let's all become upstander's.

How teens can decrease bullying and become an upstander.

Teens can decrease bullying by becomeing an upstander. This is the best way to decrease bullying.

-Tell an adult about the issue

-Stand up to the bully

-Take an anti-bullying pledge

-Don't just watch, bullys like an audience

-Tell your teachers or pricipal

-Take action

Online/Social midea dangers.

People do some crazy things online to hurt other people.

-Identity theft, if you put out persanal infromation people can steel your identity and become you.

-People pertending to be someone diffrent, example: you might think you are interacting with a 13 year old girl but but really you are interacting wiht a 37 year old man.


-Useing inapropriate language





Ways to stay safe online (Tips)

- Don't give out personal information

-Don't meet anyone in person without an adult in a public place.

-Don't send pictures to strangers.

-Don't follow anyone you don't know.

- Keep your account private.

- Don't give out your full name.

- Don't say anything online that you would not share in public.

-Tell an adult if someone is bullying you.

- Don't post anything inapropriate.

- Don't give out your login infomation to ANYONE!!!!

There are many more way to stay safe online!!!!!:-):-):-)

Suming it together

NEVER be a bystander if you were the victum of bully you would want others to be upstanders to your bully. There are a lot of bullys around every wear you go. So instead of being a bystander become a UPSTANDER and DECREASE bullying.