Slavery, just do it?

were your Nike shoes made by slaves?

Nike has been accused of child labor

According to the Huffington Post more then 200 children were working at a Vietnam factory, some at the age of four and five and being paid only $2.17 a day. That is just enough to get them to the next work day. One Vietnam factory broke Vietnamese minimum wage laws. Some people have to choose between a good meal and a place to stay. The factory conditions are also not the best they can be. People in one factory were exposed to dangerous chemicals 177 times over the Vietnamese limit. Medical care is minimal, the doctor is only on duty for 2 hours while the factory stays open for 20 hours. The treatment of the workers is the worst. Some say that workers were kicked, slapped and verbal abused. If that doesn't sound like slavery I don't know what does. So will you look at your new pair of Lebrons the same