all about me

A Little About Me

Things I like

Three things I like are gymnastics, kittens, and art on the computer. At Bart Conner Gymnastics Camp I learned how to do a kip and did a spotted giant for the first time ever. Our cat Smoke Bomb looks like the cat in the middle picture. Smoke Bomb ran away, but we still have our other cat, Firecracker. I also like to do art on my computer such as the heart panting in the third picture. One of my goals for this year is to learn how to write in cursive. This will make it easier to write about my favorite things.

Gymnastics Goal

I am a gymnast. I love bars, they are my favorite event. I also like floor, it is my second favorite event. I am also very flexible. On floor my favorite thing to do is line tumbling. On bars I was the first person to get my kip. My favorite things to do on bars are kipping and jump to the high bar. My gymnastics goal is to get a straight arm kip.