good presidency of andrew jackson

killing the national bank

jackson was a big fan of seeing things in a common mans view. he made sure almost everything was for the right of the people. so when it came to the national bank, he wanted it gone. he believed it was terrible for the people and the nation. when the bill to continue the national bank came to him, he vetoed it immediatly. the bank and congress said it would take up to 4 years to fully shut down the bank but jackson refused to wait that long. he took money from the national bank and put them in federal banks. the bank was shut down not long after. this made almost all common man happy. this just made the people like him more.

"jacksonian democracy"

the jacksonian democracy was events during his presidency that expanded democracy from him expanding suffrage to restructuring federal institutions. instead of having just upper class white men voting, which he thought was unfair, he made it so that ALL white men in the U.S could vote. not it did not include white men nor natives but it drastically the amount of votes from the nation. this made many people happy.
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battle of new orleans- its vistory

the signing treaty for the war of 1812 did not get around quickly nor to everyone. so battle in new orleans was a almost victory in a away. soon to be president, andrew jasksons was the military leader of the army. based in new orleans the british came to attack but the u.s army had already perpared and had home field advantages. they killed over 2000 men of the british army while only loosing under 100 men. james monroe and the rest of the U.S praised jackson for this. many people did not get the news that the treaty was signed before that battle but thy all said it won them the battle. the patriotism for their country was amazingly high.
Andrew Jackson: Good, Evil, and the Presidency
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this political cartoon shows jackson killing the national bank.