By : Calli Fornash

My country is Yemen!


  • Capital is Sana'a
  • The flag is black, white, and red and each color has a meaning, Black means the dark days in the past, white means the bright future and red means the blood to achieve independence and unity.


  • My country is in the continent of Asia
  • Major Land forms - Great rift valley and Ras menheli
  • Major Land Marks - Yemen Military Museum, National Museum of Yemen
  • Major Bodies of water - Gulf of Aden , Red sea

Pictures of land forms, marks and major bodies of water


  • My government type for my country is under constitution.
  • The President is Abd Rabbuh mansur hadi.
  • The president gets elected by voting
  • The rights and roles are equal among everybody.


  • My country is one of the poorest countries in the world
  • The type of money that is used in my country is Yemen Rial
  • EXPORTS- Crude petroleum, petroleum gas, refined petroleum, coal tar oil, non fillet fresh fish.
  • IMPORTS- Refined petroleum, cars, rice, and packaged medicament's.


  • The Climate of Yemen can be described as dry, hot desert climate with low annual rainfall, and high temperatures in summer.
  • Average annual rainfall is 127 millimeters
  • The average yearly temperature is 86 ferinhight.


  • Operation Magic Carpet - 1st plane from Yemen carrying Jews to Israel 11/16/1948
  • Italy signs treaty with Yemen 09/02/1948

Yemen compare to Unites States of America




Federal constitutional republic

Yemen contrast to United States of America


USA- We only have one main language English

YEMEN- They only have one main language Arabic

USA- We have three colors on our flag-red, white, blue

YEMEN- They have three colors on their flag-black, white, red


USA- We have a Federal constitutional republic

YEMEN- They have a constitutional

USA- We use more electricity

YEMEN-They use 98.27% less electricity