The Things They Carried

Austin Hutchins

The Vietnam War...

A volatile and utterly chaotic event in American history, this was a period of much political distress and social backlash. Also known as the Second Indochina War and starting in 1955, American involvment lasted for 18 years and made use of the United States' military conscription abilites. This war was the cause of much civil debate and protest in America, and ended with America's defeat to the hands of the Northern Vietnamese.

About Vietnam

Located in southeastern Asia and bordering the Gulf of Thailand, this coastal communist country was owned and ruled by France until 1954, at which point it was divided into two states: a southern capitalist and a northern communist country. A war between the two factions waged on until 1975, bringing in countries such as China and America in order to try to gain control of the other opposing territory. It ended with the defeat of South Vietnam by North Vietnam, lead by Ho Chi Minh.

A Map of Vietnam

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So, what is the book most likely about?

Based on the information gathered from the WebQuest and the first chapter of the book, I predict that this book will encompass the experiences and horrors which the soldiers were forced to deal with daily and other recreations of first person experiences of events related to the war.
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