Grade Two News

Exeter-Milligan Public Schools

Reading and Writing

Make writing a regular part of your child's life. Leave notes to your child to discover (telling how well he/she has done or telling where an afternoon snack is, etc.). In the note, you might suggest he/she writes back to you as well. Have your child write invitations to have family members come over for special events (birthdays and other holidays) or to write "thank you" notes for gifts received. Any extra practice at writing benefits your child. December offers many opportunities for your child to write!

Book Club is Thursday, December 11. Each student wanting to participate in the book club needs to read Anna, Grandpa, and the Big Storm by Carla Stevens.

Christmas Drawings!!!

Students may bring full color drawings to York News-Times that will be featured on their Christmas Greeting Page each day before Christmas. Drop off drawings at the York News Times (327 Platte Avenure, York) or email to news@yorknewstimes,com


Students had great fun adding 3 or more single digit number to get a sum. They learned it is best to look for 10s from the numbers in the list, then add the remaining numbers. They also continued practice of two digit addition. Subtraction review began this week-learning to subtract 0 from a number. This week, they also discovered attributes of geometric shapes; learning what an angle is. They learned what congruent shapes are too.

Social Studies and Science

In Social Studies, students learned how bank accounts are started. They learned different ways people can pay for items at a store (cash, credit cards, debit cards and checks). In Science, students learned what is inside the Earth (core, mantle, crust) and about Earth's water.

Zondle practice for Social Studies- Unit 3 and Begin Unit 4

Science continue Zondle on Our Earth-Chapter 5