A little about Jacob Lindstroem

Some (not to private) things about me and my life

Three things you should know about me

1st; i´m quite a strange person, sometimes i like just to sit on my own and listen to music free of everyday noices, just in my own little world. At another point i´m one happy, social, full of energy young man who likes to experience life and just be out in the nature and living the life.
2nd; I love to dance.. No i am not gay. I have been dancing for approximately 5 years.

3rd; I love to exercise, not in the hardcore protein guy way but more endurance way of training as i would like to run a marathon at the end of 2014.

Two places i would like to visit!

Canada- The place i would like to visit the most! Canda is such a lovely country with nice people and perfect for both skiing and Mountainbike/Downhill. The landscapes of Canada is beutyfull and seductive.

Another place i would like to visit and live is in either Switzerland or Austria, also because of the seductive landscapes and eminent mountains for both skiing and biking. But also for climping, walking, running. I could keep mentioning active things but i think you got the point.

My dream job?

The thing i want most is to win lotto and just live a free life away from everything. I would settle in a newbuild penthouse in the deep forest of Canada. Every day i would go hike and bike, maybe some climbing and running.

Three things i would like to do before i kick the bucket!

To climb Matterhorn. 4478 meters above sealevel. Been there hikeing once and will return!

Participate in Zamatt marathon.
Be a professional adventureracer!