Caravel Chronicle

January Edition

Important Dates

1/7 - Heritage Interviews Due

1/8 - Test in Math (Geometry - taken on computers)

1/13 - 5 Books Due

1/15 - End of Second Quarter

1/18 - 1/19 - NO SCHOOL

1/20 - Heritage Project Presentations

1/21 - Reading Benchmark (paper/pencil)

1/22 - Math Benchmark (on computer)

1/29 - Carefree Caravel Day

1/29 - Create Project Due

2/1 - January PSJ Due

2/23 - Reading Raider Meeting for Crossover

Current Topics

Language Arts and Social Studies

Language Arts: Students finished their Courageous Character Biography projects right before break. They worked so hard and did an awesome job! We are currently working on our Embracing Heritage unit. Students are putting together presentations from the information they gained during their interviews. They will present these to the class later this month. I'm excited to see what they learned about their ancestors and heritage. Thank you for your support in completing their interviews and finding family photos.

Social Studies: We are finishing up our unit on the Ancient River Civilizations. We just took our test on Ancient China, and we will finish our study of Ancient India later this month. I am impressed with the organizational and study skills students have developed over the course of the year.
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Math and Science

Math - Students will be wrapping up our Geometry unit at the beginning of January. We will briefly cover inequalities and graphing solutions to inequalities before reviewing for the benchmark. This quarter the students will complete their mathematics benchmark on computers, to give students experience with using this platform, they will take their Geometry unit test on the computer as well. Students received a study guide for this test on Monday, January 4. There are sample questions to review and extra credit problems on the back of the green paper.

Science - With the new year brings a new unit, Earth in the Universe! This is a very exciting and engaging unit to learn about as we head into the winter months. Students will learn about the history of space exploration and how the Earth, Sun and Moon interact on a daily, monthly, and yearly basis.

Phases of the moon with oreos