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Did you know, there are places on the planet were people live ON AVERAGE to 100 years old?! Referred to as Blue Zones, these areas report measurably longer lifespans and higher quality of life. Born for the demographic work from Ginnani Pes and Michel Poulain, The Blue Zones Project seeks to implement observed factors critical to a longer lifespan. The following common characteristics of the population as a whole were observed at each Blue Zone:

  1. People put family ahead of other concerns
  2. Less smoking
  3. People ate semi-vegetarian diets
  4. People integrated constant moderate physical activity into their daily lives
  5. Social engagement - people of all ages are socially active and integrated in their communities
  6. These populations also consume legumes as a main part of their diet

For more information, listen to the NPR story here!

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Diana Nyad first attempted the 103 mile swim from Cuba to Key West at the age of 29 after Walter Poenish swam from Cuba to Florida with the assistance of flippers, a shark cage and took 3 breaks on the boat sailing beside him. The young Diana felt the use of these tools gave him an unfair advantage and did not merit his world record title. (Unlike swim competitions, solo swims aren't strictly governed. However, serious marathon swimmers regard English Channel rules as the gold standard - only a swim suit and googles, no shark cage, and no breaks aboard a boat). She took it upon herself to set the record using English Channel rules. However, she failed to complete the journey.

At the age of 60 and after her mother passed away, she kept thinking of the dream she left behind 35 years ago. With the frailty of life on her mind, she decided now was the best time to make her dream a reality. She then attempted the distance three more times, and failed each time. On her 5th attempt, she decided that no matter what happened, this would be her last try, and in the summer of 2013, Diana Nyad became the first person ever to swim from Cuba to Key West without a protective cage, without a break on the boat, and with only a swim suit and the age of 64. Here is her story of the what and the how of never giving up.

Diana Nyad: Never, ever give up
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