Alzheimers Syndrome/ Demention

By: Jordyn Gately

Gordon's Strory

Gordon was founder and president of an investment banking, In his lifetime, he earned four degrees, spoke four languages and pursued two passions: climbing, hiking, Then he heard four words that changed his life: "You have Alzheimer's disease."

What is Alzheimers Syndrome?

Alzheimers syndrome is when you lose brain cells and your brain gets weaker and weaker,It also causes memory loss and once you get a neurodegenerative in other words a type of dementia it gets 10 times worse.

How do you know you have Alzheimers Syndrome?

Symptoms that you have Alzheimers Syndrome are Memory loss, Challenges in planning or solving problems , Difficulty completing familiar tasks at home, at work or at leisure, Confusion with time or place,Trouble understanding visual images and spatial relationships,New problems with words in speaking or writing,Misplacing things and losing the ability to retrace steps,Decreased or poor judgment,Withdrawal from work or social activities, and Changes in mood and personality.

Is there anyway to get rid off Alzheimers Syndrome?

Yes, there is a few diffrent ways to get rid of it. One way from the Doctors they say to have alot of vitamin D3 and omega-3 to boost immunity to help fight Alzheimer's. Another way is to get a Food and Drug Administration (FDA), called cholinesterase inhibitors, that are designed to regulate and manage Alzheimer's disease symptoms. People suffering from the disease have low levels of acetylcholine, an important brain chemical involved in nerve cell communication. Cholinesterase inhibitors slow the metabolic breakdown of acetylcholine and make more of this chemical available for communication between cells. This helps slow the progression of cognitive impairment and can be effective for some patients in the early to middle stages.

Who and what are ex. of Alzheimers Syndrome?

Some people who have had or has Alzheimers Syndrome are some people you would think didn't have it at all, Some people ypuhave learned about them before like Ronald Reagan, and Rosa Parks. When you know you have it you lose your brain cells and much of your memory and that really effects yur life alot! some of my Grandparents have had it before,