The followers are called christians

All About Christianity

Christians have many traditions and believes. Christians believe that when you get baptized that it marks a Christians entrance into church. A tradition they have is the holy communion to remember Jesus's Last Super. The Last Super was the last meal Jesus had with his followers before he was crucified. They usually pray at night and before meals. They don't have specific times for prayer but they pray often. They worship in a church. The leader for Christians worship can have many names including minister, preacher, priest, and pastor. Their holy book is the holy bible. The Old Testament is the Hebrew bible and the New Testament is the Gospel. The Gospel is the story of Jesus' life and teachings. They celebrate Christmas and Easter. Christmas celebrates the birth of Jesus. Easter celebrates the sacrificial death and resurrection of Christ which allows believers to live eternally with him in heaven. Some of the Christians holy sights are the church of sepulchre which is the site of Jesus' death. Also Bethlehem is the site of Jesus' birth.There is one religious leader that is common in all three religions including Christianity, Judaism, ans Islam. The religious leader is Abraham. There is also only one view of God for all three religions and that is that there is only one God and the word to describe this is monotheism.