Middle School Observation

Taylor Masterson


  • Students are more independent than the students in classrooms I have observed before.
  • The students play a lot of games for learning a big part of their learning. They love it! it's very creative and interactive.
  • During the hour when there are special education students in the classroom there is a para and/or a special education teacher present for that full hour.


  • Teacher had full control of class.
  • There was one student who was the “cool kid” of the classroom, but the teacher handled him very well and he did listen to her.
  • The teacher was very successful with being strict, but fun.

  • Most students got along well.
  • There was some making fun of/bullying the special needs students.
  • Once the students get older, they loose the “Everyone in the class is my friend” attitude. They are more separate, which is normal, but I like the younger ones better. ;)


•Observation of 6th Grade Special Needs Student

•Tour of the school from two students.

•Got to observe in a class that I have not observed in before. (Study Hall, nothing exciting!)

•The teacher was preparing the students for state assessments so I got to see they way that she did that by having them listen to/watch video and answer questions about it.


•Andover Central is known for being a more effluent school. I didn’t

observe that as much as I thought I would.

•One thing is that there were really not any students from low end, rough situations, which is great, but that is really where my heart is at.

•One thing that I liked about this school atmosphere is that it was quite separated. Not in a bad way though. The sixth, seventh, and eighth graders all had different pods. I thought I was a good idea to keep the grades separate.


I am glad that I got to observe in a middle school classroom, even though I wasn't exactly fond of the idea because I realized that it was not near what I expected. I actually really enjoyed myself! Not enough to teach middle school (I still like the little people:) but it was enough to give me a new appreciation for the teachers who do love this age. I respect them! Middle school is a tough age, and in a way, they are just as needed as the elementary students. It was a good, successful, enjoyable expereince.