Elementary Board Report

May, 2016

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"Walk" A Mile with Mike Donahue and Community Members

This is my first year working at this school and I noticed a need to focus on creating a sense of community and reinforcing the need for developing an emotionally safe place to learn. With bullying and harassment prevention always on the forefront of our minds, we wanted to do something BIG for our kids, not just at the elementary level, but all the way from K-12. We wanted to somehow leave a lasting impact on our kids so that they can be the ones who make the difference in our community and in the world.

On Wednesday, May 11, we had a HUGE event for our K-12 students. Representatives from the hospital, fire department, food shelf, sheriff's office, local churches, parents, and the food shelf, etc were present to take a stand for our kids--showing them that we are all in this together, that we can end help kids achieve their dreams and we can help ensure that our school is a safe place for everyone.

The big reveal at the end (we kept this a surprise all year) was that each and every student received a FREE pair of name brand shoes (the brand name very firmly does not want to be recognized for this charitable donation) to take home to wear to simply to remember the "Walk a Mile" message by.

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3rd Grade Learns About Electricity

East Central Electrict visited both 3rd grade classrooms last week! They had some first had learning experiences about electrical safety and were "amped" about it!

2016 Classroom Field Trips

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Upcoming Elementary Happenings:

May 31-- 10:00 am Student Awards Celebration, June 1--Track and Field Day (Make up June 2), June 1 or 2(depending on when track day happens) is meet next year’s teacher at 3:30 pm. June 3-- 7:00 am Retirement Breakfast for Jacki, 10:30 Color Run/Lunch on Lawn